CAI Suspension, Withdrawal or Reduction Policy

Suspension, Withdrawal or Reduction Policy

Certification Assurance International (CAI) understands that the aim of management system certification is to inspire confidence from the public and interested parties that an organization certified or verified by Certification Assurance International (CAI) fulfils specified requirements. In this context, to uphold the value of certifications, Certification Assurance International (CAI) maintains the below policy for suspension, withdrawal or reduction of the scope of certification, which specifies the subsequent actions by Certification Assurance International (CAI) Certifications. Suspension and Withdrawal

Certification Assurance International (CAI) shall suspend certification in the following cases:

  • The client's certified management system has persistently or seriously failed to meet certification requirements, including requirements for the effectiveness of the management system
  • The certified client does not allow surveillance or recertification audits to be conducted at the required frequencies
  • The certified client has voluntarily requested a suspension
  • Additional specific reasons for suspension by Certification Assurance International (CAI) include:

    • Major nonconformities that could result in nonconforming product
    • Failure to close a major NCR in the required time frame
    • Failure to meet the conditions of the certification agreement
      Under suspension, the client's management system certification is temporarily invalid
    • Time

      Suspension would not exceed six (6) months. Suspension leading to Withdrawal is used when a client has failed to meet the terms of the Certification Agreement. If more than six month's elapse, the certificate shall be withdrawn, or scope shall be reduced, except in emergency situations due to force majeure.

      Reduction of Scope

      In lieu of Suspension, Certification Assurance International (CAI) may reduce the scope of client certification to exclude the parts not meeting the requirements, when the certified client has persistently or seriously failed to meet the certification requirements for those parts of the scope of certification. Any such reduction shall be in line with the requirements of the standard used for certification.


      Certification Assurance International (CAI) will restore the suspended certification if the issue that has resulted in the suspension has been resolved. Technical Manager/ Scheme Manager of Certification Assurance International (CAI) decides if the client has taken sufficient action to resolve the reason for suspension in sufficient time.

      Failure to resolve the issues that have resulted in the suspension in a time established by Certification Assurance International (CAI) will result in withdrawal or reduction of the scope of certification.

      In all cases of suspension, withdrawal or reduction in scope and in restoration, the status will be updated in the Certification Assurance International (CAI) client database and in the website in not more than 02 working days.

      Certification Assurance International (CAI) makes the agreement about certification withdrawal with the client to ensure the client shall stop using every promotion material related to certification when the client is informed the notification of withdrawal.

      Certification Assurance International (CAI) makes publicly accessible information about the certification status of a given certification through its website: On demand by the person concerned, the status of the client's management system is clarified whether it is under suspension, withdrawal or reduction condition.

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